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Current Projects:

-Participating artist of Transcultural Academy 2023, Japanisches Palais, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany


Stichting Destination Unknown 2023
Artist Residency & Exhibition former Philips Factory, Roermond, Netherlands

Moon Jar Project
Diplom Exhibition, Oktogon, HfBK Dresden

Chasing Waterfalls 
-Two Head Problem 
Senatsaal, HfBK, Dresden, Germany 


어 White Tiger 
Studio Class Philipsz, Pfotenhauerstraße, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Broken White Noise 
Weiße Gasse, Dresden, Germany

Whipped White Tale
Weiße Gasse, Dresden, Germany 

Eclipse Radio 
Radio International
Manifesta 14, Prishtina, Kosobo

Adonia Adonia
Jahresausstellung Class Philipsz, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Jahresausstellung Class Philipsz, HfBK Dresden, Germany 

Künstlerische Intervention mit Collectiv, Galerie Ladøns, Hamburg, Germany

음차연대 Tea Ceremony
Stressless Space, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, Austria


Bak Byung Cheon
Radio International
Senatsaal, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Porzellan zerbricht doch
The Sixth Sense
HfBK Dresden, Germany

Temple of Void
The Sixth Sense
HfBK Dresden, Germany

White Archive Project (installation)
Die Angewandte Festival
Die Angewandte, Vienna, Austria

White Archive Project (digital)
We Send You This rgb(45, 116, 249)
digital format exhibition

Moon Jar Project


conseptual work
 Moon, Earth's only natural satellite, is one of the greatest inspirations for mankind. Due to its atypical mass compared to other planets with satellites, it affects the creation of the habitable climate on Earth. In recent years, the moon as a geographical and physical attribute has been heating up the global space race scene.  

 ‘Moon Jar Project’ (2020~) is an artistic research and conceptual project, that suggests the idea to make a historical ceramic object ‘Moon Jar’ with the Lunar Soil.
 Moon jar is a nickname for a specific style of porcelain pottery made during the Joseon Dynasty in the late 17th century. Traditionally it consists of two hemispherical bowls joined together in the center. Most of these were moved abroad during the Japanese colonial period and made a great influence on modern pottery culture.

This project focuses on multiple aspects of the Moon as a physical body: a natural satellite, a resource, real estate, and a cultural symbol. Celestial body as a critical geopolitical domain and ceramics as a cultural element is blended and synergized in this project through the soil as a natural resource.

 This project idea is developed under the class project of Class Philipsz, HfBK Dresden under the title “Unbuilt Road, Unrealized Project”, which is inspired by the long-term project of ‘e-flux’ of the same title.