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Current Projects:

-Participating artist of Transcultural Academy 2023, Japanisches Palais, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany


Stichting Destination Unknown 2023
Artist Residency & Exhibition former Philips Factory, Roermond, Netherlands

Moon Jar Project
Diplom Exhibition, Oktogon, HfBK Dresden

Chasing Waterfalls 
-Two Head Problem 
Senatsaal, HfBK, Dresden, Germany 


어 White Tiger 
Studio Class Philipsz, Pfotenhauerstraße, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Broken White Noise 
Weiße Gasse, Dresden, Germany

Whipped White Tale
Weiße Gasse, Dresden, Germany 

Eclipse Radio 
Radio International
Manifesta 14, Prishtina, Kosobo

Adonia Adonia
Jahresausstellung Class Philipsz, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Jahresausstellung Class Philipsz, HfBK Dresden, Germany 

Künstlerische Intervention mit Collectiv, Galerie Ladøns, Hamburg, Germany

음차연대 Tea Ceremony
Stressless Space, Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, Austria


Bak Byung Cheon
Radio International
Senatsaal, HfBK Dresden, Germany

Porzellan zerbricht doch
The Sixth Sense
HfBK Dresden, Germany

Temple of Void
The Sixth Sense
HfBK Dresden, Germany

White Archive Project (installation)
Die Angewandte Festival
Die Angewandte, Vienna, Austria

White Archive Project (digital)
We Send You This rgb(45, 116, 249)
digital format exhibition

Whipped White Tale  


Site-specific sound installation with porcelain sculpture 


 Inspired by the street name Weiße Gasse of the venue, this work searches the meaning of ‘white’ through the sound and space in the city of Dresden. White is the color most often associated with perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, and exactitude. White has been one of the most prominent achievements of Saxony, ever since the invention of the Meissen Porcelain. And porcelain has often been an object to reflect the identity of ‘white’ in Western. Through the two works about the ‘white’, the exhibition will explore the different points of view concerning the concept of white and the city.

 Whipped White Tale is an audiobook about white including Moby Dick, Japonica, Porcelain- Meissen and Allach, White Tiger, and The White Rose. These stories have a loose connection to the dark side of their history and are gathered together to spotlight the shadow.  

 The sound installation was placed outside the venue so that the installation played towards the street where people passed by. Through the show window, the porcelain tea set was displayed with the light near the sound installation and made an ensemble together. 

“We can imagine the ages when Chinese porcelain was so beloved that the giant container ships were fully stored with beautiful fragile whites and sailed from China all the way to many port cities in Europe.”

 “The most extreme example would be probably the Porzellan Manufaktur Allach.
 Allach porcelain manufactory was a ceramics workshop established in Bavaria in 1925. Later in 1939, it was confiscated by SS operatives and transformed into a manufacturing facility that makes ‘Arian’ identity-style and taste-enhancing products.
 It was produced in close connection with the exploitation of forced labor in concentration camps, and mainly produced figurines of certain animals and humans, plates, candle holders, and vases.

 ...This factory is said to have been Himmler's beloved project. The SS Marked Allach porcelain produced during this period is sold at a very high price in the second-hand market for collectors these days. ”